Timetec cloud based clocking in system

Cloud based clocking in system

from Timetec.

This cloud based clocking in system means time and attendance has finally come to the cloud. Dialtime are authorised resellers for TimeTec and this cloud based system.

No more expensive SQL Servers, no more fixed windows only software. No more expensive onsite training courses or commissioning engineers. Be up and running in less than 1 hour.

Why TimeTec cloud is the solution for your business.

Not Just Windows

TimeTec cloud systems are browser based. That means they run on any device with a browser including, smartphones, tablets, pc’s and yes Apple Mac.

Cloud is best

Cloud based time and attendance makes perfect sense. Its more cost effective because there are no hidden costs. No pre-installation meeting, no onsite installation team, no accounts and management staff. No onsite training visits or annual upgrades. The TimeTec TA subscription is only $2 per employee per month. In blocks of 10 employees. That’s around £1.50 in our money and includes 24/7 365-day support, NO HIDDEN EXTRAS.

No more private servers

Windows based systems come with an inherent problem. You need your own place to store and maintain your data. Whether it be a pc or an onsite server or your own virtual server. Again, this in itself leads to extra costs and maintenance. The TimeTec subscription uses AWS (Amazon Web Services). The same servers that power most of the world’s essential services. Meaning you don’t have to maintain or pay for these expensive servers.

Work from home

The new norm! Love it or hate it, having the flexibility to work from more than one location has become essential. TimeTec Cloud Systems allow you to clock in and out from any location. Using the free smartphone app, or your own personal computer or tablet. Administrators and managers can look after their staff anywhere. Imagine being able to see who is in or out and who is late or absent right in the palm of your hand in real time.

Plug and play hardware

The clocking terminals use the very latest cutting edge visible light face recognition. Terminals are plug and play. Using Wi-Fi and ethernet connection, plug in, connect to the internet and you’re done. No need for expensive installers.

Like what you see? Why not give it a go! Click on the link below and grab the 7-day free trial. Fill out a quick form (no card details required) and try free for 7 days with full support. After the 7 days you can convert your trial to a full subscription.

Contact us to find out more about the Timetec cloud based clocking in system or arrange a free demonstration here.