Employee management system

Employee management system.

Employee management system uAttend by Chronologic is the Smart, affordable cloud-based workforce management software.

Manage your employee time and attendance. This affordable system saves time and resources collecting and reconciling payroll data. Enables your team to access real time information about workforce availability and deployment.

How it works

A cloud-based system ideal for staff working from home. The uAttend cloud-based system means no software to install or upgrade. Collect time and attendance data by a clocking terminal or smartphone. The data’s sent the customer’s cloud account. You can then view, manage and create reports in the normal way.

This makes uAttend perfect for 24/7 use anywhere in the world. Access the system through your normal web browser on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone – simple!

Good for business

There is no tie-in period. Monthly pay-as-you-go plans mean this employee management system is as flexible as you. Turn your account on or off or change your pricing plan whenever you need. There are five price bands based on employees required from 1 up to 100+.

There are 6 different methods for your staff to clock in. Use one of our clocking devices using facial recognition, fingerprint or fob. Or use our smartphone app, web clocking for free. Or the phone clocking system charged at 3p per minute.

There is extensive online support and a friendly UK helpdesk. With a free demo to get you started, there is no easier way to manage all your offsite staff and contractors.


  • Produce payroll-ready for systems including Sage, Paychex, Qtac and QuickBooks.
  • Manage and process multiple pay periods, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Track holidays, sickness, and other accruals.
  • View / print employees’ timecards singly or in batches.
  • Online timesheet sign-offs by employee, supervisor and payroll admin.
  • Choice of clocking rounding options.
  • Dashboards showing up to the minute information on who’s at work or on-site and who’s not.
  • Set up email alerts. Notify supervisors when
    employees sign in or out, arrive late or leave early.
  • On-site fire roll call reports.

To find out more about uAttend or to arrange your free demo click here.