Facial Recognition Clock

C-400 Facial Recognition clock.

Provides the option to use biometric (facial identity) clocking. With the addition of standard RFID Proximity clocking.

Biometric Clocking

Employees clock ‘in and out’ by standing in front of the clock. The clock scans the Employee’s face. They receive an audible and visual message to say that the scan is successful. Each employee can make up to 16 attendance clockings per day.

Proximity Clocking

Employees can use the C-400 clock to register their attendance. Register by passing their personal RFID proximity badge or key fob in front of the terminal. They will receive an audible and visual message to confirm the clocking. For extra security you can use a personal ‘pin’ number.

Facial Template Capacity & Recording

The clocking terminal stores a biometric facial template for each employee. To register each employee, the terminal takes three images of the face. The process that takes approximately 10 seconds.

Clocked Data Storage

Employee’s attendance clockings are stored in the C-400 clock. They are down-loaded to the attendance software via WIFI/LAN or USB. The software calculates individual employee time sheets. A selection of reports are available to manage attendance and payroll data. Employee attendance data is stored on your server.


This time system package incorporates our flexible time and attendance software. Your vital employee time data is securely stored. Including an easy to use suite of reports for comprehensive workforce management.

The software suite will enable you to prepare your payroll information. It will save times and has the functionality to export hours worked to Sage payroll software.

Calculate basic and overtime hours automatically. Late starts and early finishes. Build quarter hour rounding and grace periods can into the employee’s shift rules. Holidays, sickness and other absences are also recorded in detail for individual


2.8 inch Colour TFT screen with GUI Interface for ease of use
Stereo Dual Sensor
1 scan per-second user recognition
Stores 800 templates and 100,000 transactions
Built-in Ethernet ports and optional Wireless
Audio-Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of facial scans
Access control feature for connecting to door mechanism
External bell attachment

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