fingerprint attendance terminal

Biometric time and attendance clocking in machines.
Installation, service and repair.

These biometric time and attendance terminals are capable of face, finger or hand print recognition for more future-proof security. Synchronising with online software to help save you time and money when running payroll for your employees. These biometric time and attendance systems are suitable for businesses of any size and for companies with multiple locations.

Zkteco X628-C

The X628-C brings many new experiences, including the new stunning GUI, rock-solid stability, faster matching speed and better expandability.

Users can easily manage data by networking X628-C via RS232/485, TCP/ IP, and USB-host. Most importantly, all the functions can still operate in a networking state. X628-C is compatibility with various types of USB flash disks, ADMS and former SDK. It also supports data backup and retrieve to avoid the risk of accidental deletion.

Remarkable user experience:

  • Intuitive and stunning UI designed with the most popular and internationalised factor.
  • Interface operation adopts modularised hierarchical design. Simpler, Better and More logical.
  • Faster matching speed: less than 0.5 second.
  • Excellent expandability
  • Easy to extend functions and customise customers’ demand.

Enhanced features and performance:

  • User validity settings.
  • Data backup and retrieve.
  • Advanced User ID consisted of letters and numbers.
  • Chip encryption formware protection.
  • More exible menu conguration: double line text display.
  • Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports

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