Alastair Hayhurst the Clock Doctor

Installation service and repair

Meet the Clock Doctor, an expert in installation service and repair.

Meet Alastair, The Clock Doctor. He is an expert in installation, service and repair of all types of clocking in systems, traditional or biometric. With years of experience in the field he can help you maintain your existing system, advise you on something new, install it and train you on how to use it.

Who is he? He’s the sort of bloke that spends 15 minutes repairing two pairs of glasses from pound land. He used to drive his mother mad as a kid taking toys apart to see how they worked then putting them back together before move on to something bigger. A bit like the guy in the navy advert, if you can fix a bike, you can fix a car, and so on. He’s just the same but now he tries to make it better, as he puts it back together.

He started off in a sales team, where they had to know how the product worked to be able to sell and rent the clocks and systems.
Alastair is City & Guilds trained for testing of electrical equipment.

Our Clock Doctor is a people person, and a good communicator. He prides himself on providing a good service to customers, for a fair price, and will always go that extra mile not to let some one down.

Installation, service and repair from our very own clock doctor


The beauty of the internet, you can buy anything off the internet. But when you buy that system that’s just perfect for your business, you get it out of the box, and err… Can you fix it to the wall? Can you connect it together and make it work?

Don’t worry! We can, just call us and tell us the system you have purchased and we will do our best help you out.

Service and support

We won’t sell anything we can’t support. We can do on site setup and support, or remotely on team-viewer. And to help you budget, we charge by the hour not a lump sum upfront. You only pay for what you need.


This applies more to clocking on clocks, it may only need an adjustment or service to put it right. A replacement ribbon starts at £20 and the print will look like new. For biometric terminals, parts can fail just like anything else but it’s a lot cheaper to replace a keypad than a whole terminal.

For on site installations we work on a 50 mile radius, but we are in the process of setting up installers in all areas of the UK for access control and time and attendance.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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