Cloud Attend Time & Attendance system

Cloud Attend is the complete Time & Attendance system in the cloud.

Works with any browser on any device Windows, Mac & Android

We have partnered with Cloud Attend to bring you the latest in Cloud Time & Attendance systems.

It’s important that your time and attendance information can be transformed into a successful, complete and accurate payroll run in as short a time period as possible.

With that in mind, we provide a centralised to-do list which will draw your attention to any anomalies or notifications in the system.

From the to-do list, you can take the required actions like approving or declining overtime. Approving or declining employee absence requests and addressing any personnel notifications like out-of-date skills or probation expiry dates.

Our anomalies module will let you quickly and easily bulk add missed swipes for employees and book in absences to cover unauthorised absences. Once your to-do list is clear, you can make any last minute adjustments to employee hours and costs and then quickly run payroll from data explorer.

Cloud Attend Subscription

Manage every aspect of your current employees with our HR module.

Assign work patterns, absence entitlements, hardware policies, pay rates, groupings, appraisals, personal, contact and next of kin details, vehicle details, penalty points , employee training and skills, jobs, disciplinary incidents, workplace accidents or incidents, medical reviews and store all of your employee documents for ease of access in the web-based application.

Your managers will automatically be alerted to notifications (either by email or by logging into the web application) pertaining to the group of employees for which they are responsible.

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We offer pricing plans from small companies with 50 employees or less right up to corporate multi-nationals. All our plans include support and hosting.

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